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Nadine van Riet-Campbell

Owner & Travel Advisor

Born in Australia, Nadine grew up in Adelaide, South Australia before moving to the Gold Coast in Queensland in her early twenties. In the year 2000 she packed her bags and headed off the "Ultimate European" vacation, with 6 weeks traveling across Europe. 16 countries in 42 days! Already addicted to travel she jetted off to London again, in 2002 and lived there for 4 years while traveling extensively in Europe and further afield!

Upon returning to Australia in 2006, she went back into a Business Management role and eventually studied at Flinders University in Adelaide to complete her Master of Business Administration (MBA). As always, travel was woven into the landscape of her life with many cruises and overseas trips being the goal of all the hard work!

In 2018 she travelled to the USA with her family and her sweetheart proposed to her in front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. On a trip to visit him, in early 2019, to plan the wedding, they decided to elope instead and went to Las Vegas and married in the Little Chapel of the West!

After a long and tedious journey through immigration processes that got further delayed by the pandemic they moved to Florida for a year and then back to Iowa again. Tragedy struck in July 2022 on the very eve of leaving to complete the franchise training, their home burned to the ground. They decided that there would be no more delays in starting this journey... so out of the literal ashes, they birthed this wonderful travel business!!

She is passionate about helping people find their bliss while traveling and planning them their Dream Vacation!!

319 408 8687

Nadine van Riet-Campbell
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